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Graduation Requirements

Graduation Credit Hours             132 credits


Required Course of the University       18  credits         13 courses

Required Course of the College                          22 credits          10 courses

Required Course of the Department                    46 credits          16 courses

Elective Courses of the College                          12 credits

Elective Courses of the Department                    18 credits

Liberal Arts Core Courses                                  6 credits

Liberal Arts Elective Courses                               4 credits

Remaining Credit Hours                                       6 credits


 Graduation Conditions:

1. According to the Article 68 of NUU Academic Regulations, students must pass the English Proficiency Test to graduate.

2. The 12 credit hours of the college elective courses refer to the 12 credit hours of courses taken in any departments of the College of Management including the major.

3. Students must pass the professional skills required by the department to graduate.