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The Department has professional classrooms for studies of financial management, investments management, and risk management. Each classroom is equipped with personal computers, projectors, desks with an electronic screen, Internet connection, and links to the Department’s database, which jointly constitute a comprehensive e-teaching environment.

The financial information audio-visual center: The audio-video center has a total of 16 personal computers, which students can use to analyze relevant financial information. With a wide collection of English magazines and professional periodicals, the audio center also provides an impeccable and comfortable environment to read.

The finance simulations laboratory: hard and software facilities in this laboratory are installed to develop students’ abilities in completing finance projects, investment operations, and acquiring professional license in finance-related fields.

Applied software and databases: with auxiliary databases which are commonly used in finance (the virtual investment and trading system, the Taiwan Economic Journal database, financial licensing exams databases, etc.) and software (SAS, Eviews, SPSS, MATLAB, etc.), this Department aims to familiarize students with these tools and build up students’ strength for future employment.