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Curriculum Planning

The Department’s curriculum focuses on theories and practices. The Department offers three fields of professional courses including corporate financial decision-making, investment strategy management, and financial institutions and markets. The professional courses cultivate students’ skills in finance practice as a preparation for their future careers.


The 30 credits of elective courses of the department includes 12 credits of elective courses of the College of Management, so that students can take the professional courses offered by the various departments of the School of Management to achieve the multi-learning goal.


Employment-oriented curriculum planning: the following courses are jointly offered by the Department, the Department of Information Management, and the Department of Business Management:

The program for financial and information studies: the program aims to cultivate students’ skills in applying knowledge of information technology to corporate corporate financial decision-making, investment strategy management, financial institutions and markets management, i.e. developing students’ abilities to integrate information technologies in the contemporary financial environment.    

The program for innovation and business setup studies: the program aims to develop students’ knowledge and skills in setting up a new business and overseeing operations of the new business in the future.


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